Football Profits Club

“Are you looking for a football tipping service that delivers profits? Then follow my betting tips; check out the results; and then – ONLY when you are completely satisfied that my tips live up to your expectations – you should sign-up”


My name is Shane & I want to introduce you to my new football tipping service.

Well, I say that it’s “my” tipping service but that’s not strictly true.

I’m a business partner with Chris Williams who is well known for providing a whole range of very successful betting systems. Just take a look on The Betting Rant website ( – this was formerly the More Money Review site – & you’ll find independent reviews of Chris’ systems. All get good reviews & Chris has an excellent reputation for being honest & providing excellent back-up support.

I’m trying to build up a ‘nest egg’ of money for the future, so I approached Chris to see if he’d be willing to supply me with football tips that will build my small betting bank.

To my surprise & delight, Chris said “Yes” & that is how this website & tipping service has been born.

In exchange for the tips, I have agreed to let Chris follow my progress & show the Profit & Loss statements from my Betfair account over the next months & years.

Chris has kindly recorded a video for me that introduces our tipping service. It lasts just 10 mins.

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What makes the FootballProfits.Club tipping service different from all the others?

How many tipping services have you come across that make all sorts of claims about results & profitability, yet they NEVER show you Betfair Profit & Loss screenshots to prove (a) that the tipster is actually backing his own selections and (b) that the tips are profitable long-term?

This tipping service is going to change all that.

At least every month, there will be a video showing my Betfair Profit & Loss statement. You will be able to see that I really am backing all of the tips that are given & (hopefully!) see how my betting bank is growing over time. Just click on the ‘Results-2017’ tab in the menu at the top of this page & you’ll see how my betting bank is performing.

You will also have access to all of the tips given since this service started on 25th May 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get the tips?

    Because email services sometimes block emails containing betting tips, you will need to log-in every day to the Members Area on this website to access the tips.

  2. How many tips per day can I expect, & when will they appear on the site?

    There will be days when no tips are available. But I expect to post typically 1-5 most days. Tips will be posted by 12 noon each day & bets will only cover matches up to midnight of the same day as well as any matches that may be played before 7 am the following day. This will ensure that you have the tips in good time to be able to place your bets.

  3. What size betting bank do I need & how much can I expect to make?

    The bigger your betting bank the better! I’m starting off with just £250 which is probably what most people would be comfortable using. Chris recommends that you should never risk more than 5% of your bank on each bet – so if you use the minimum Betfair bet stake of £2, then your bank would need to be a mere £40.

    Chris’ bets have a high strike-rate but a relatively low profit per bet. From the results in my Betfair Profit & Loss account, you can see that I am making about 6% – 12% per bet. This may not sound like much but, over time, I expect my bank will grow through compounding to a large amount.

  4. Can the tips be used with other bookmakers instead of Betfair?

    For the back bet tips, you could use just about any of the main bookmakers if you wished. However,since some of the bets are lay bets you would need to use Betfair (or Betdaq or Smarkets) for these bets.

  5. Will there be a limit on the number of subscribers to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the Betfair market for everyone to get their bets placed at the recommended odds?

    Membership will certainly be limited. All bets are given when there is a fairly large amount of money in the market for the particular bet. This should mean that most, if not all, people will be able to get their bets placed at the stated odds.

How do I join?

I have decided to start off with a very reasonable subscription of

only  £10 per month

As the number of subscribers grows, the subscription price will increase. However, if you join now then your subscription will stay at £10 per month for as long as you remain a subscriber.

So don’t delay!  Just click on the button below & you’ll be taken to the subscription sign-up form:

Subscriptions are no longer available for this service


Once you have subscribed you will be able to log in using your email address & password that you set up. If you forget your login details, then just email me at & I’ll send you your login details.

I hope that you will join my new service – let’s make some money together!